Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hello everyone!

   I've been trying out a lot of new products lately, especially skincare cause I'm obsessed with good looking skin. In this post I've decided to share with you my favorite products from Tiande and why I love using them. 

 1. Snake peeling - This stuff is amazing , I just repurchased my second tube. I used the first one in one month just because I loved using it on my body too. Cleans and exfoliates and leaves the skin smooth and good looking. If you need a good face wash this one is my personal favorite at this moment.

2.Sheep placenta face cream- Moisturizing cream that works well for my skin. I don't like super tick moisturizers that you can feel on your face, I prefer the once that are light and absorb quickly then leave the heavy moisturizers for the night.

3.Snake foot cream- my favorite cream so far. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging but it ok because this product works wonders . My feet are so soft , they look and feel amazing. I've been using it for awhile now and I highly recommend it .

This three products are my personal favorites from this company , if you have tried some of them or have some other recommendations please let me know .

Thank you

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hello everyone!

This two looks that I'm gonna show you , are my go to fall looks so easy and great looking. What I love about it that it can be done in less then 15 minutes and it looks amazing . Here they are

Monday, October 13, 2014


Hello everyone!!!

   Sunday is my day to relax and do what I want , since that day my hubby is home and he can spend time with our girl and I'm free for a couple of hours. I like to watch You Tube videos and have a mini spa day. Here is my weakly routine is simple and very efficient.

Face: Orange peel is so good for the skin, I like to use fresh orange peel mixed with a face cleanser and wash my face circular motions . My skin feels fresh and radiant. Right after that I like to use a pore stripe for my nose and this Balea one works well for me. Ten minutes later after I take the stripe off I rince my face with warm water  moisturize my face and use eye patches to smooth my eyes

Body:  As I mention a lot of times in my posts I have very dry skin and exfoliation a must to get rid of all the flakiness of course I don't do this every single day . I like to use this face cleanser and a loofah (sometimes I'll use salt and lemon juice instead of a face wash, and if you are wondering why a face not a body wash is just that I'm trying to use up some products that are laying around my bathroom ) This Balea body lotion is one of the best once that I've tried from that brand and also another product that needs to be used up so I'm using it this month.

After having my baby my stomach is not looking the way I wanted to I'm using this stomach mask every day for the past few days and so far I can't notice any difference but I'm an optimist that with after a while of using it my stomach will look at least a bit better. This should be in my daily routine not in my weekly but I just wanted to mention it   

Hair: I color my hair and cut it every other month so then I have some treatments done to it . I always use this mask for my hair I usually rinse it right after I put it on but once a week I let it sit on 10 to 20 minutes and it makes my hair shiny and healthy looking

Nails: Last but not least I do my nails . This time I'm using GR nail polish a pink color to end the sunny days. I use this baby cream to moisturize my feet , and I do this once a week because this cream is supper rich, of course since I have very dry skin I have to moisturize my feet every night before I go to bed but I use a different cream for that .
That is it for my weekly routine
Thanks for stopping by