Monday, November 11, 2013


Hello everyone!!!

This product has been around for quite while now,and at first I was not so sure about wanting to try it. But when summer came and foundation was just to have to put on my face I wanted to get a tinted moisturizer, and because there was nothing at the drugstore that I found interesting I got the Garnier BB cream. It was the best drugstore purchase ever.

I got mine for combination to oily skin in light. For me this BB cream does everything that claims - blurs pores, anti shine, evens skin, moisturizes, and also has SPF 20. I personally like it because it is so light on the skin and it is perfect for all year round, especially if you don't like that heavy foundation feeling. This BB cream retails 6$ at my local drugstore. Very affordable. It comes in a squeeze tube and you have a lot of product to use. The consistency it is a bit liquid , you'll have to be very careful when you open it.

What I really like about it:
- it goes one perfectly , blends so well
- feels good on your skin
- it stays on for a long time
- it is affordable
-you can get it everywhere
- has an SPF 20

If you haven't tried this product definitely do. 
That is it for best BB cream 
If you have any suggestions about products that you love please let me know

Friday, November 1, 2013


Hello everyone!

     Today's post is going to be a product review. I used this product for three weeks and right until now I just couldn't decide if I love it or hate it.Many of you have already heard about it and maybe tried it already but where I live is pretty new product so I decided to do a review on it. It's the L'oreal perfect clean

Lets start with the positive things first:

-The packaging looked so amazing , and the little rubber thing to scrub your face with sold me immediately .
- The prize was even much more amazing I got it for 7 euros at my local drugstore 
- The brush is great it massages and cleans at the same time, and it's not harsh for your skin at all. I've used a lot of brushes/ sponges and this one so far is my favorite .
-It really does what it claims - cleans , pores look smaller , velvet looking skin
- It removes all of the make up residue that make up wipes can't clean

The not so positive :(

- The product itself is a bit drying, I really can not say it is for all skin types . I have normal to combination skin and it is overly drying for me, I can only imagine what it would do to those with dry skin.
- I dropped the bottle in the shower and the cap came straight out, so I had to transfer the product into another container.

Overall thoughts :

In my opinion the product is 3 /5  just because I feel that the cleanser it self is nothing special . But the brush I would definitely use with other cleansers , I feel so relaxed when I use it . For those of you with oily skin definitely try it. 

That is all for this product review I like to keep them short and precise
If you have some products that you think I should try feel free to write them in the comments down bellow